How to Download and Install

So you’ve chosen a good online casino to play at and wondering how to take it from there? This website will help you with every step, from start to finish, where you get to play and win. Downloading and installing an online casino is one of the easiest things to do. This step by step guide will explain to you the whole process of downloading in very easy to understand English.

It is important that you know the casino software that you download. Each software provider has many casinos which offer different online casino games and bonuses too. So some will suit your needs more than others. The main casino software providers are Real Time Gaming (RTG), Playtech and Microgaming.

We will illustrate the download process using Cherry Red casino as an example, because it uses RTG casino software. RTG allow players from the USA to play where as the others don’t and we don’t want to exclude anyone because of where they live or nationality. Being American, I’m biased too.

1. Selecting The Right Online Casino

The way I chose Cherry Red casino was by finding a site on slots. I wanted to know more about jackpots and so I found this site called I found the info that I was looking for and then decided to select one of the online casinos that they advertised because the info I got was good and they know what they are writing about. I can trust sites like that. So what I did was click on the Cherry Red casino banner. It looks like this:

When I clicked on the banner, it took me to the casinos website. The site is really cool with great animation. I then had a casino choice to make of which version of Cherry Red casino to use: The Download version or the Instant Play version. I chose the Download casino simply because it offers more games than the Instant Play casino and the graphics are so much better too. So I clicked on the “Download Now” button. See image below…

Cherry Red Casino

2. Downloading Free Casino Software

When I clicked on the “Download Now” button a box opened on my screen. It asked me if I would like to save the casino software (.exe) onto my computer. I then clicked the “Save File” button. See image below…

Cherry Red Casino

It then saved the casino software exe file on my computer desktop. See image below. You can save this file anywhere on your computer, it doesn’t have to be on your desktop.


3. Installing The Software

When I double-clicked on the icon, another box opened asking if I want to run the Cherry Red casino file. It is a security check, which is important to have. I clicked the “Run” button and followed the installation process. The download takes around 2-5 minutes if you have a decent broadband connection. See images below. In the installation process you need to agree to the license agreement and select whether to have an icon on your desktop. Having an icon on your desktop makes it so much easier for you. You don’t have to go through various folders to play; you just have to double-click once.

Real Time Gaming
Cherry Red Casino
Cherry Red Casino
Cherry Red Casino

Once the installation is complete, if selected, you will have a Cherry Red casino icon on your desktop, like the image below.

You have now completed the download and installation process of an online casino. Next step is Registering a Casino Account.

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